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This tileset is intended to be used with the Cyber City tileset

In this pack you will find 48x48 grid pixel tiles and accompanying animated sprites that you’ll find useful for creating a grungy looking cyberpunk autoshop interior for your game development.

Engine free, default format optimized for RPGMaker MV 

Asset pack comes with: 

  • Half Tile B Sheet (55 decorative items: tools, cars in the middle of being repaired, monitors, machines, shelves ect.)

Animated sheets:

  • 2 x Vehicles (Car & Taxi, formatted for moving and idle)


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<<Cyber City Music Pack>> by Joel Steudler


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Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Flying cars! What an awesome little pack. Any plans on more flying vehicles?


Good to know that you like them!

Yes this pack will be updated with motorcycles and trucks in the coming months so please look forward to them ^o^