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Part time boy band idol, part time Giant Kaiju slaying Yokai.  That's Ryoji's daily life. Tempted with promises of feeling rejuvenated by Touma, his other half in their boy band of two, he starts eating Cup Noodles for lunch.

Let's hit some arrows and take a little peek into his Power Ranger type plot life!


Estimated playtime : 20mins (5 level stages)

Warning :  Contains screen flashing and screen shakes

Main mechanics: Repeat the Enemy Arrow Pattern with your Keyboard


I finished in last week because my stuffed schedule got in the way huhuhuhuh 8'D BUT I DID IT! Im happy to have finished it. Game jams are fun like this with limited time to work on things

This is a prototype spinoff version of the backstory for one of the Main characters of the Mithos project, it was too good of a chance to pass up.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated! If there are any bugs or errors do notify me about it.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tagsminigames, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer


CupNoodleIGMC.rar 84 MB

Install instructions

Install instruction. You will need to extract the downloaded .rar file with a program like Winrar.

Inside the folder you'll find a Game.exe file. Double click on that and it would start the game.


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Made a video

I streamed the game and had a lotta fun! Some feedback and link below (and please forgive me joking about them being boyfriends, I’m just being silly XD)

  • + Presentation is A+! I liked the chibi style a lot and while I think in practice it was a very small amount of scenes, it did not feel like it.
  • +Characters are very simple but hit their keys well, and I had no issue getting attached to them for a short while.
  • +The difficulty was perfectly fine, at least to me (perfect except for a single mess up). I don’t think the challenge was meant to be difficult, rather a pace breaker between scenes, which suits me fine for a short game.
  • + The pacing was good and snappy.
  • -If anything I felt the most odd about the cup noodles. Why? XD They don’t really add anything to the story so that bit lost me.
  • -It definitely helps that the game was so short, because this exact style and gameplay, over a longer period of time, would have gotten dull. I suppose the main game will not be in this style.
  • -(x10) HOW DARE U DO THAT TO MY BF ;A;

 Overall I had a good time! There was plenty of care in small cute touches everywhere, and it gelled well with me. Would I check a full game in a DDR style like this? Uhhh probably not? But as a short thing it does well. The art was especially very charming at every turn. Congrats on a job well done.

such a cute an aesthestic game you did a good job in the graphics ,always love to see this in rpg maker games!

Thank you very much! Im glad you liked the visuals, they were my favorite part to make ^u^