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Held up in his mansion, Corrupt Duke Yizim has stolen some important blueprints. It's up to Azre and Mavis, special agents from S.P.E.C.T.E.R to steal them back.

But wait! They can't just go through the front gate with everyone watching, time to find another way in.


This game is a tiny game because I wanted to try out what being in a game jam felt like despite my stuffed schedule. I would say it would fit in nicely as an introductory segment of a longer game. I wished I could make it longer, but, this is all I could manage in a month lol! At the end, I did enjoy the experience of a game jam, it was worth it. ^.^

It has 3 puzzles for you to beat, taking around roughly 30 minutes to play or 5-10 minutes if you are speed running.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!
If there are any bugs or errors do notify me about it.

This is set in a world that me and my buddy, Aeal are working on. I'm planning to make an actual game with it in the future. But for now if you are interested in finding out more about that setting, you can check out more lore bits on our group page: https://www.deviantart.com/trinity-log

Install instructions

You will need to extract the downloaded .rar file with a program like Winrar.

Inside the folder you'll find a Game.exe file. Double click on that and it would start the game.


SpecterCryptOrCrime.rar 64 MB


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Hi, I'm your secret santa.

What I like:
-The puzzles are like those of golden sun and I love golden sun. I loved them!
-The characters were funny, (the skeletons dancing xD)
- The maps were well made.
-The menu, I like how you personalized it a little.
-The images of the characters

What I didn't like:
- There was no music on the title screen.
-It was very short, I wanted more. I finished it very fast.
- The puzzles are like those of golden sun (Yes, it's a good and a bad thing xD) 

What you can improve
Maybe some interaction with the vases, or have custom art for the scenarios, but that is done afterwards. The game seemed very good to me. I didn't get bored that is the most important thing.

I recommend?
YES!  5 stars !

Heyo~ *gives out cookies* Thank you very much for playing my game!

LOL both a good and a bad thing, I can get behind that. I love golden sun too! So I can say that they are certainly one of my inspirations when I created this. They have one of the nicest map integrated active skill puzzles I have experienced imo. It made the characters feel connected to the puzzle, and that's what I'm aiming for instead of random dungeons that can be solved without our protagonists' skills. But yeah, will need to be worked on more to make it fresher!

 Not sure about the vases since there will be much more in the extended version as decoration, but I can certainly see making custom art for the main events, it would add more flair to the story. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'm happy to read that its something you'd recommend~ Glad you enjoyed it! ^.^

Hohoho, it's your secret santa!

* What I liked when I played?
-> I like that your name's on the title screen, it looks professional.
-> The art is great. I also liked the RTP edits you made. And on that note...
-> Your maps are very nice.
-> Nice windowskin
-> That ghost SE is awesome.
-> The characters were a lot of fun and I liked that I could interact with their surroundings.
-> Loved that credit scene.

* What I didn't like?
-> No shutdown option :( It's very handy to have if your player plays on fullscreen
-> It ended so soon :(
-> Laggy during the puzzles. On the plus side I was glad to have no timed puzzles, as the lag would have made it impossible to play.

* Did I complete it?

* Other things the developer needs to know?
-> No title screen music?
-> Why is there a Controls option in the options menu when you can't change them?
-> Would be cool if I could change who was the party leader.
-> No spaces between Age and their actual age in the menu
-> Typo by Azre at the very first puzzle map: we're only at the entrance*
-> Why can't I go up/down the stairs yet in the crypt? (was this explained somewhere?)

I'm happy you'll expand on this. I'm curious about the manor and what else the Duke is hiding there. Looking forward to playing this in the future~ :)

^o^ Heyo *hands out milk and cookies* Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you liked the art that when into this, it's the one thing I know I could do just fine even on a tight scheduled.

Ouff I had not realized that about the full screen mode , will add that in on the next update.  XDDD And naww yes, it's a really short game, That was the same reaction my test players gave too. My list of updates includes expanding it with more skills and puzzles, so got that covered.

Hmm, the lag should be because of the parallel processes that I used to make the skills work. I will have to go through them again to streamline, I'm certain the lag stems from that. Do you know if you were using a skill during the time or were you rolling pillars around?

And for the other points:

ouo;; Oh yeah I forgot to add some title music. The controls option was supposed to have a bind use skill to a suitable key for player's convenience but haven't implemented it. The lack of a party leader option was to hide the fact that I haven't gotten to finishing all the sprites yet ahaha, it will be fixed in the next version LOL.   Thank you for the typo and spaces check, those are important but I know I will miss out on some of them.  And it's intended that you aren't supposed to go up the stairs in the first crypt room but I accidentally deleted the dialog quip that states "Its a locked door up there, no reason to go up." when touched.

Thank you so much for the in dept review, I appreciate it very much! 8)

The lag first started when I could use Mana Chain. But it happened on nearly every map afterwards. Not all the time, and not always that terrible.

Good setting, nice dancers and really nice puzzles.  Would love to see an extension of this. The time estimate is way to low, however, maybe you can speedrun the game in that time but not on your first try when you need to look at many things.

Thank you very much for playing and commenting on my game! I'm glad to read you enjoyed it. ^.^
Ah I see, I was going off the time average of my two test players. Going to fix the description to roughly 30mins to accommodate.